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Selection of suppliers

Over the years, Catanzaro has built strong and sustainable relationships with producers in the main sourcing countries. Building on these relationships, we provide our customers with unique support in the selection of suppliers which are best suited for meeting their quality, volume, price and delivery timescales requirements. We also help to make communication between the buyer’s Procurement, R&D and QC and the supplier’s Production and Sales more efficient in order to ensure that the goods delivered meet the client’s integral requirements.

Contract management

Catanzaro plays an important role in drafting the contracts between suppliers and buyers in accordance with international law and commercial best practice. We have been providing procurement services for many years and can draw on our experience to help issue contracts between the parties involved regarding delivery conditions, quality control and payment management. As the relationships between suppliers and clients develop we can assist with the opening of credit lines and other forms of payment optimization.

Logistics support

Catanzaro’s highly qualified personnel are here to support our clients during all stages of the goods shipping and delivery process. Our managers will review the shipping and customs documentation in order to minimize delays and demurrages of your cargo at customs clearance. We have long-term agreements with forwarders and shipping lines allowing us to secure convenient freight rates.

After sales support

Catanzaro is committed to provide an integral service to its clients, including the management of problems that could arise after the delivery of goods to their warehouses in the countries of consumption. We offer maximum support to our suppliers and clients as to help both parties to fulfill their obligations in all aspects and to their whole extent. Catanzaro will take care of any quality problems that may arise upon goods arrival.

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